So, the Seattle band's new album should be with us soon then...

THE BLOOD BROTHERS have returned to the studio to record the follow up to ‘BURN PIANO ISLAND, BURN’.

The Seattle five-piece, who will tour the UK with Liars in May, are currently holed up in studios in their hometown.

“Our songwriting process just flowed this

time, we were writing almost a song a day,” said joint vocalist Johnny Whitney. “And by January, we had more than 20. We needed a way to sort through the songs and determine which ones we wanted to record.”

“We’d never played songs live before recording them,” Whitney explained. “And doing it gave us a sense of

what worked and what didn’t. When we came home from tour, we had made a lot of changes in the songs.”

The band are currently working with producer John Goodmanson. He continued: “The biggest difference is that we are so comfortable with each other now. Before, we were a little awkward about the whole process, we weren’t sure what we wanted. Before we recorded ‘Island’, we’d only been in a studio as a band for a week. This time, because we’re comfortable with each other, the music we’re playing is so much more effortless. We also love working with John,” Whitney added. “We’re big fans of the records he’s made, and appreciate the fact that he’s an engineer as well as a producer.”

The band will play at:

Bristol Thekla (May 4)

Manchester Roadhouse (5)

Sheffield University (6)

Leeds Cockpit (7)

Nottingham Rescue Rooms (8)

London Mean Fiddler (10)

Oxford Zodiac (11)

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