Seems that everyone's trying to get in on the act...

COCA-COLA are to launch their own UK music-download service in the New Year, which they claim will feature the largest available catalogue of songs online

The soft drinks company will offer a legal alternative to file-sharing and boast 250,000 available tracks from over 8,500 artists.

Coca-Cola’s marketing director Julia Goldin said: “We’re delighted to bring downloadable music to more people and we are working in close partnership with the music industry to do so.”

She told The Guardian: “Consumers have told us that downloading music is confusing and complicated and what they want is an easy, simple to use downloadable service from a trusted brand.”

January will see the launch of, which will also mark the first high-profile brand to become involved directly in the music business.

The service will face market opposition from the now legal Napster and Apple’s iTunes. The service has currently sold 17 million tracks to US customers, despite being just seven months old.

The move follows last week’s announcement that Coca-Cola will sponsor the official single and album charts.

The agreement will see the company name checked in Radio 1’s weekly Top 40 countdown as well as being mentioned in the closing credits of BBC 1’s ‘Top Of The Pops’.