The Top forty newcomers pay the price for their mucky hit...

Porn-obsessed Top Forty newcomers TRUCKS have been set upon by enraged teenage girls furious at the content of the band’s debut single.

The track ‘It’s Just Porn Mum’ entered the charts at 35 last week, but the song’s celebration of jazz mags and mucky videos has not pleased everyone. Guitarist Mark Remmington showed off his heavily bruised forehead and fractured skull to NME.COM, following the attack by five angry girls in Camden.

An embarrassed Mark claimed the girls were lesbians on an anti-porn crusade – although he had no real evidence to back up his theory.


“They were five big lesbians,” he insisted. “They were up the road in Camden giving it ‘Oi! Pornboy!’ and they came over and kicked the shit out of me. It was really embarrassing because they were all 15 years old. I’ve got to go for a brain scan.”

He added: “We’re activists, you’ve got to tell the truth. It’s a song about a kid who wants to watch porn. It’s not about hardcore anal or anything like that.”

Norwegian singer Olav Iverson added: “Every teenage boy has probably been in that situation.”

Trucks’ debut scuzzy rock album ‘Juice’ is released in January and also includes ‘Psycho Ex-Girlfriend’ and ‘Village Bike’, both of which will piss off Trucks haters even more.

But Mark complained: “It’s a true story! Every pub has got a village bike! This album is how it should be, sex, sex, more sex, drinking, the hangover songs, the drugs in ‘Kickin’. We’re proud of it, it’s a well-rounded album.”