NME.COM to launch unique personal radio service

You create your own music stream for the world to listen to

NME.COM is set to launch a unique new radio service which will allow you to create your own music streams to share with people all over the world.

Teaming up with Mercora Inc. we will be developing a beta version of MyNME Radio to bring music searching facilities with legal music sharing facilities.

Whereas the current NME Radio streams our selection of music straight to your computer, the new MyNME Radio will allow you to search, listen to and select your own playlists which you can then share with and broadcast to other users.

You will also be able to listen to your friends’ music collection.

Over 3 million tracks will be available to choose from and over 100,000 channels of music will be available to hear at any time.

“1.5 million passionate music fans visit our site every month, so NME.COM is obviously the most popular place to get involved with all the best music,” said Ben Perreau, editor of NME.COM. “Our partnership with Mercora will provide fans with the ultimate music network experience. This is a major step in realizing the possibilities of music on the internet.”

MyNME Radio will be available before the end of June.