Record labels make filesharing network next victim…

The company behind the KAZAA filesharing network is being sued in Australia by a conglomerate of record labels.

EMI, Warners, Sony BMG, Universal and a number of Australian companies are bringing the lawsuit in their ongoing battle against piracy.

Sharman Networks – an Australian company, registered in the Pacific island state of Vanatu – is being sued along with nine other companies.

According to the BBC, the alliance of labels called Kazaa “an engine of copyright piracy to a degree of magnitude never before seen.” Their lawyer Tony Bannon claims that the company is making it easy for 100million users to swap three billion files per month.

The standard defence in cases such as these is that the software provider cannot be held liable for what users do with their service. When Grokster and Streamcast – who offer similar systems – were unsuccessfully sued in the US judges ruled there were substantial legitimate uses for the software.

The labels’ response in those cases has been to sue individual users.