Stephen Street spins some tunes at How Does It feel To Be Loved?...

STEPHEN STREET, the legendary Smiths

and BLUR producer, makes his DJ-ing debut at the LONDON club night HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE LOVED? on Friday April 16.

Street is the latest indie icon to guest at the club, which is at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury. Previous guests have included Belle And Sebastian‘s Stuart Murdoch, The Wedding Present’s David Gedge, and members of Heavenly, Camera Obscura, Spearmint, The Loft, The Field Mice, The June Brides, Furniture, Fosca, and The Wolfhounds.

Tickets are £3 and only available on the night. More info at [url=]

HDIF has also announced that it’s starting up another monthly night at The Canterbury Arms in Brixton. The first date is April 30, and the guest DJ is Amelia Fletcher from Tender Trap. The club will then run in Brixton on every first Friday of the month from June 4 onwards.