The Californian band don't waste any time in thinking up a new moniker...

DIOS have been forced to change their name.

The Californian band, who recently release their self-titled debut, have run into trouble with Ronnie James Dio, better known as DIO.

A statement issued by the band reads: “In May, dios received a curious letter from Ronnie James Dio (better known as DIO). His attorneys decided to serve the Hawthorne five-piece with a cease and desist order, threatening harsh consequences if immediate action wasn’t taken. The former Black Sabbath frontman believes it likely that folks will be confused. So, to help Mr DIO protect his trademark and avoid costly litigation, young dios would like to announce their new name.

“After long nights of debate, twelve pages of crossed out lists, and hours of soul-searching, we are pleased to offer you this improved, DIO approved moniker: DIOS MALOS.”

The name change comes into immediate effect.