Hundreds of file-sharers now face legal action...

Download lawsuits hit EUROPE today (March 30) with hundreds of file-sharers facing legal action.

The first wave of international lawsuits were launched against 247 alleged illegal downloaders in Denmark, Germany, Italy and Canada this morning.

IFPI, representing the recording industry worldwide, made it clear that further lawsuits against major offenders will be launched in different countries in coming months.

The action is being levied at individuals illegally making available hundreds of music tracks for copying, transmission and distribution via file-sharing services.

“Today’s announcement should come as no surprise. Over the past year the record industry has been extremely active internationally and locally, educating the public about the huge damage being done by illegal file-sharing, explaining the laws and promoting all the sites where large catalogues of copyrighted music are available for consumers to access legitimately,” said Jay Berman, Chairman and CEO of IFPI.

The UK moved a step closer to court action last Thursday (March 25) when they announced the launch of an instant messaging campaign warning users of peer-to-peer networks that their actions are an infringement of copyright laws.

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