And he goes to prison for eight years...

One of France’s biggest rock stars has been sentenced to eight years in prison, after being found guilty of killing his girlfriend, actress MARIE TRINTIGNANT.

Bertrand Cantat, lead singer with Noir Desir, was charged with manslaughter for beating Trintignant to death in a Lithuanian hotel room in 2003. He maintained that it was an accident.

The presiding judge told the court: “According to the judges’ opinion, the guilt of the accused is indisputable,” noting that Cantat “did not want the consequences” of his acts.

Cantat claimed that he had only slapped Trintignant four times in a drunken stupor, though prosecutors accused him of fatally punching her at least 19 times in a jealous rage.

During the trial he said: “Everything happened very fast. Never, never did I want things to happen that way. This hand should never have risen. And I do not accept myself having raised this hand.”

The singer could have faced a maximum 15-year sentence.

According to Associated Press, the incident happened last July, and an ambulance was called to the hotel at around 7.30am, by which time Trintignant had already been in a coma for two hours. She was flown back to France by private jet days later while still in a coma, but later died on August 1.

Cantat said during the trial: “We loved each other and our love was growing.”

He did not enter a clear not guilty plea, something that is not required in the Baltic state’s judicial system.

Lawyers for Cantat have 20 days to appeal, as does the public prosecutor and the Frenchman could also ask to serve his prison term in France once the final sentence is determined.