Guitarist Steve Morris suffers damage to his arms and eardrums after the shock blast...

A member of Californian pop punkers UNWRITTEN LAW was injured in a bomb blast at his home last week.

Guitarist Steve Morris suffered concussion and damage to his eardrums and arms when two homemade bombs exploded at his San Diego apartment last Thursday (August 29).

His 21-year-old neighbour Martel Ridge Duvigneaud is the chief suspect. He and Morris have been involved in an ongoing dispute over noise. Duvignead was arrested and charged with making an explosive device.

“He planned this for a week and tried to kill me with a bomb,” Morris said in a press release. “I can’t believe someone would go to these lengths over a domestic dispute about noise levels.”

According to MTV, the explosives, made with dry ice packed into a plastic soda bottle, were thrown at Morris’ front door and onto his balcony. Morris took the latter, which failed to detonate, and put it into his freezer as evidence to show his landlord.