It's decided the controversial US black civil rights and political leader's "presence was not conducive to public order"...

Controversial US black civil rights and political leader LOUIS FARRAKHAN, seen as a spiritual guide by many Hip-Hop superstars, has been barred from entering the UK by the Appeals Court.

They overturned a High Court ruling made last July allowing the Nation Of Islam chief to visit the UK for the first time since the exclusion order was made in 1986.

Home Secretary David Blunkett welcomed the ruling. Like previous Home Secretaries he feared Farrakhan’sprevious anti-Semitic remarks – he once described Jews as “bloodsuckers” who prayed in “synagogues of Satan” – would stir up racial tension and spark civil unrest. Blunkett said he was “very relieved” that the Home Secretary’s right to bar someone whose “presence was not conducive to public order” had been upheld.

Farrakhan has spoken at major Hip-Hop functions in the US and has been the keynote speaker at Hip-Hop Summits in New York and more recently in Los Angeles.

Last month, members of the Nation Of Islam provided security at Oxide & Neutrino‘s show in London’s Ocean.

The Nation Of Islam say they intend to appeal to the House Of Lords.