The likes of MTV and V-H1 stop broadcasting music videos - while radio stations plan to be "sensitive to lyrical content and titles"...

National radio and television music broadcasters in the UK have all implemented major changes to their output in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the US.

MTV have dropped all their shows for the rest of the week and instead will broadcast videos of “unobtrusive adult orientated hits” such as Dido, Travis and Madonna. They have also dropped their playlist and will avoid upbeat music, reflecting, they say, the mood of the nation.

BBC Radio 1, the biggest national youth-orientated station, has said they will make no changes to their playlist but will make sure their output “is in tune with how the nation is feeling”. They will also feature a high frequency of news bulletins throughout their broadcasts.

Sister station BBC Radio 2 have said they are going to be “sensitive to lyrical content and titles”. They have removed Goldfrapp’s ‘Pilots’, Aerosmith‘s ‘Fly Away From Here’ and Bob the Builder’s chart topper ‘Mambo No.5’ from their playlist.

A spokesperson for Virgin Radio, one of the major commercial stations in the country, could not be reached for comment.

In the US, MTV and VH-1 both suspended broadcast of music videos yesterday, beaming instead a 24 hour news feed from CBS. It is unknown how long the policy will remain in place.