The star's trial for racially aggravated assault continues...

The CHERYL TWEEDY assault trial continued today (October 10), with a court being told that the GIRLS ALOUD singer was “hysterical”.

On the second day of Tweedy’s trial for racially aggravated assault occasioning actual bodily harm, witness Bryony Gibbs addressed Kingston Crown Court court, according to the BBC.

Recalling the night of January 11 at Guildford’s The Drink nightclub, Miss Gibbs told the court that she thought Tweedy was drunk and falling over.

Giving her eyewitness account of the singer’s altercation with toilet attendant Sophie Amogbokpa, she said: “The toilet attendant was saying to Cheryl ‘I want payment for the lollipops’ and Cheryl was saying ‘I do not have to pay for the lollies’.”

She then said Tweedy swore at Amogbokpa and called her a “bitch”.

Miss Gibbs continued: “She (Tweedy) seemed hysterical, she was just hysterical – shouting a lot and she was still drunk. She (Amogbokpa) kept on repeating ‘I want payment for those lollies’. When the toilet attendant leaned forward to take away the lollies from Cheryl, Cheryl punched her. I was a bit scared, that is why I left.”

The case continues next week.