All is finally revealed...

RADIO 1’s long search for a replacement for STEVE LAMACQ is over – with Northern Irish DJ COLIN MURRAY stepping into the vacated seat from January 7.

However, Murray will only be keeping the seat warm until late Spring, when Radio One’s first target Zane Lowe will finally be removed from his contract with London indie station XFM and begin the show. There is no name yet for the new show.

Murray, who has just started the ‘Born Sloppy’ programme on Channel 4 with Sara Cox, is delighted with the appointment.

“I’ve been three years on the Evening Session in Northern Ireland working towards this goal,” he said.

Murray said his show, which will run Tuesdays to Thursdays 8pm-10pm, will be a natural progression from Steve Lamacq’s.

“The fundamentals of the slot will not change,” he said. “Devotees of Steve’s show will not turn on and then turn off again. But we want to broaden things. I want it to be a window to specialist shows. To say a person who likes one sort of music will not like another is nonsense. Just because a tune’s on Pete Tong’s show doesn’t mean it can’t be on our show. It will also open the way for a return for Showaddywaddy.”

Murray also said he wasn’t concerned with the timing of Zane Lowe’s takeover.

“My involvement with Radio 1 goes beyond this show. But I don’t really care what comes next or what came before. I care about what we do during the time we’re doing it and making it the best. We’re not just there to make up the numbers. I’m so excited I may let the tyres down on Westwood’s A-Team van. I want to show the nation what Belfast boys can do.”

Zane Lowe has still to comment on the announcement. A Radio 1 insider confirmed his tenure would begin in April.