The surviving mebers of the band are set join forces with other groups...

The rock band GREAT WHITE will perform a US tour to raise funds for the families of the 99 victims who died in the concert fire tragedy in February.

Guitarist Mark Kendall and singer Jack Russell made their first public appearance at West Hollywood’s Key Club last night (29) since the incident in Rhode Island on February 20, which claimed the life of the band’s other guitarist, Ty Longley.

Their attorney, Ed McPherson, said the remaining members of the band are set to join forces with other rock groups Warrant and LA Guns.

“Their thoughts from the beginning have been, ‘What are we going to do to help the victims?’ And the only thing they do is perform,” McPherson told CNN.

Great White’s concert organisers said proceeds from the shows would also be donated to a charity supervised by 31-year-old Ty Longley’s family and a trust fund for the musician’s unborn child.

Investigators looking into the Rhode Island tragedy suspect the band’s pyrotechnics ignited foam that had been placed on the club’s walls for soundproofing. A grand jury is investigating.