Freeky Zeeky is stable - but another man is killed in the incident...

FREEKY ZEEKY, a member of CAM’RON’s DIPLOMATS crew, is in a stable condition in hospital after a shooting in NEW YORK that left him injured and another man dead.

According to the police, an altercation began in Manhattan at 3:15 am (April 25), when two vehicles were involved in a minor collision.

Occupants of both vehicles started shooting at one another, and Freeky, real name Ezekiel Jiles, and a friend, Eric Mangrum, were struck several times, the police said.

Both men were taken to St. Vincent’s Manhattan Hospital, where Mangrum was declared dead several hours later. Jiles remains was in a stable condition with gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen.

“Zeke is a soldier. He is still with us,” Jim Jones, another member of the Diplomats, said in a message posted on

[url=] “My man E was a soldier, God bless his soul.”

It is unclear who was armed or who fired first. The police recovered a 9mm handgun in a bin nearby, as well as numerous shell casings from two types of weapons. Dozens of shots were fired, the police said.

According to the New York Times, witnesses saw Freeky place the 9mm gun in the bin. He has not been arrested, but the police said charges might be forthcoming.

The other car fled from the scene and has not yet been found.

It is the second time in recent months that The Diplomats have been involved in a shooting. In February, a man on the group’s tour bus shot at a car on a road south of Boston. Four people connected with The Diplomats’ traveling party, but none of the group’s four performers, were arrested on weapons or drug charges in that incident.