Charles R. Cross gets his hands on notebooks documenting the Nirvana singer's life from a teenager through to his suicide...

COURTNEY LOVE has given a writer access to KURT COBAIN’s personal diaries as part of his research for a new biography of the late NIRVANA star.

Charles R. Cross has recently completed a biography of Cobain titled ‘Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain’.

According to CNN news, the author was given access to Cobain’s personal journals following a conversation with the star’s widow Courtney Love.

The 28, handwritten notebooks are said to document his life from a teenager, through to his suicide in 1994.

Speaking about the journals, Cross said: “It was without any strings attached…The journals changed the book dramatically because it gave Kurt a voice.”

Elsewhere in his research, Cross discovered what is thought to be a recording of Cobain’s first ever live performance – at a house party in 1987 attended by a handful of guests near his home in Aberdeen, Washington.

Cross continued: “I couldn’t believe it was taped. If you think about that, the historical significance of having a tape of the first concert by any band — the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, or Nirvana – it’s amazing. It sounds fantastic.”

The book is set to be published to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the band’s classic ‘Nevermind’ album.