Tupac’s high school love letter is being auctioned off for £25,000

The rapper wrote the letter when he was 17

A love letter written by Tupac Shakur is being sold at auction for $35,000 (£24,690).

The handwritten declaration of love is addressed to the rapper’s high school sweetheart, nicknamed ‘Beethoven’. According to TMZ, Tupac named his beloved after the German composer because she was a talent pianist.

In the letter, written in 1988 when the rapper was 17, Tupac writes: “As u will soon find out, I do not spare words, I say what I feel. So if something I say scares u please don’t panic because I tend 2 get over emotional.”

He adds: “It’s almost like I’ve known you 4 years.”

Tupac goes on to write about his love for Prince and past heartbreak.

“We both love Prince we have both had heartbreak and we both adore candles,” he writes.

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The letter is not the first piece of Tupac memorabilia to end up on sale on Moments in Time, a site that specialises in selling celebrity mementos. Last month, unreleased music and handwritten notes previously belonging to the hip hop star were listed on the online auction dealer.

In October, the site sold a letter, written by the West Coast artist while he was incarcerated, for $255,000.

Shakur was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996. A biopic film, All Eyez on Me, is currently in the works, directed by Benny Boom and staring Demetrius Shipp, Jr. as Shakur.