50 Cent should be at home then..

[/a] and DR DRE, themselves no strangers to controversy, have signed the infamous underground NEW YORK rapper 50 CENT to the AFTERMATH label, according to reports on several US websites.

50 Cent came to prominence in 1998 when his track ‘How To Rob’ was included on the soundtrack album to the movie ‘In Too Deep’. In the song, the rapper – real name Curtis Jackson – posited himself as “a crook with a deal”, and said that “if my record don’t sell, I’mma rob and steal”. Throughout the rest of the track he imagined mugging, robbing and even kidnapping various rap and R&B stars in order to make some money. While his track was obviously intended as humorous – 50 included lines like “I’d rob ODB but that’d be a waste of time” – it was not greeted with open arms by all of the stars mentioned in the song.

Among those who took exception to 50 Cent’s record were [a], [/a] and Big Pun. “What Jigga just sold – like four mil?” 50 Cent asked in ‘How To Rob’: “He got something to live for!/Don’t want a nigga puttin’ four through that Bentley Coupe door.” [a] responded on his ‘Volume 3… Life And Times Of S.Carter’ LP with the couplet “Go against Jigga? Yo’ ass is dense/I’m about a dollar, what the fuck is 50 Cents?” in the song ‘It’s

Hot (Some Like It Hot)’.

In the months following the song’s release 50 was shot in an incident believed to be in some way related to his record, and was allegedly stabbed by Ja Rule during a scuffle between the two men. Ironically, Ja was one of the few high-profile rap stars not mentioned in ‘How To Rob’. Still, 50 got his own point of view across when he released his ‘Power Of The Dollar’ album in 1999 that included lines apparently directed at Ja: “Nigga ain’t in his right mind going against me/You soft, duke… beef, you don’t want none/So don’t start none/You’re just a small player in this game/So play your part, son.”

There is no news yet as to when 50 Cent will release any music on Aftermath. The label is still to schedule its first LP from rap legend Rakim, who has been signed for almost two years but is reportedly close to having finished his LP.