We are not making this up...

Classical chart-toppers THE PLANETS have been accused of ripping off the avant-garde, experimentalist JOHN CAGE because their new album contains a silent 60-second track.

Cage, who died in 1992, famously composed the silence piece 4’33’’ in his prime.

Mike Batt, the man behind ‘The Wombles’ and Vanessa Mae who put the silent track on The Planets’ album, has now received a letter from enraged representatives of Cage, The Guardian reports.

Batt said: “I’ve received a letter on behalf of John Cage’s music publishers. I was in hysterics when I read their letter.

“As my mother said when I told her, ‘Which part of the silence are they claiming you nicked?’. They say they are claiming copyright on a piece of mine called ‘One Minute’s Silence’ on The Planets’ album, which I credit Batt/Cage just for a laugh. But my silence is original silence, not a quotation from his silence.”