Tinseltown over-achiever Will Smith is back with a third solo offering

WILL SMITH’s third solo album will be released in the UK by Columbia on August 12.

‘Born To Reign’ is the follow-up to Smith’s multi-platinum 1999 ‘Willennium’ and ’97’s ‘Big Willie Style’ albums.

The Philadelphia-born star, best known as an actor in Hollywood blockbusters Independence Day, Men In Black, Ali and Enemy Of The State, has a rap career stretching back to the late ’80s as a member of the duo DJ JAZZY JEFF &THE FRESH PRINCE.

‘Born To Reign’ features collaborations with New York trio TRA-KNOX, who performed at Smith’s wedding to actress Jada Pinkett, and production from TRACKMASTERZ, who have worked with Smith since he embarked on his solo career.

Jada also makes an appearance on the ballad ‘1000 Kisses’, and the album includes the single ‘Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head)’, the theme to Smith’s forthcoming movie Men In Black II, in which he raps that he is “the best-looking crime fighter since myself in Part 1”.

The full track listing is as follows:

Born To Reign,

Act Like You Know,

I Can’t Stop,

Jaden’s Interlude,

1,000 Kisses (featuring Jada),

Willow Is A Player,

Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head) (introducing Tra-Knox),

How Da Beat Goes,

Block Party,

Give Me Tonite,

I Gotta Go Home,


Nod Ya Head (The Remix) (featuring Christina Vidal and introducing Tra-Knox),

Momma Knows.