A final report from festival investigators says poor sound quality was the major contributing factor and no charges will be brought...

The final report on the ROSKILDE FESTIVAL tragedy has stated that bad sound at the festival was the key contributor to the accident in which nine people died in a crush at the front of the stage on June 30.

Danish investigators, who conducted 977 interviews with bands, concert-goers, organisers and staff, released a 24-page report in which police have declared the tragedy an accident, and say no criminal charges should be filed.

A breakdown in the chain of command was cited as another contributory factor.

Festival organisers? slow reation to the situation, where there was a crush at the front of the stage while Pearl Jam played and indecision over who should halt the concert also contributed to the tragedy. As soon as he had become aware of the situation, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder paused the band?s set, asking the audience to take two steps back to stop people being hurt.

As reported earlier this week, Pet Shop Boys

and Oasis, who both refused to play the festival after the deaths occurred, contributed their fees to charity to help improve festival safety.

According to reports on, a grove of nine trees is to be planted in the town, near Copenhagen, as a memorial to the rock fans who died.

This year?s Roskilde Festival, the 30th anniversary of the event, is expected to go ahead as normal.