The shock waves from the tragedy are still being felt worldwide....

The city of BOSTON have banned pyrotechnics inside nightclubs as a result of the deadly GREAT WHITE gig fire.

The deadly fire at the Station nightclub in Rhode Island has stunned the music industry, with the shock waves being felt worldwide.

The fire erupted (February 20) after the pyrotechnics at the start of the show appeared to ignite the walls and eventually envelop the entire building, creating one of the biggest tragedies in rock history. Band guitarist Ty Longley was among the 98 who perished.

In the local city of Boston, Mayor Thomas M Menino signed an executive order outlawing the fiery displays in the city’s 210 licensed clubs, according to the local Boston Globe newspaper.

Menino said: “We wanted to act quickly, We already had some of the toughest fire standards in the nation, but we wanted to make them even tougher. This wasn’t just driven by City Hall. This was passionately driven by the club owners.”

Great White were heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin, releasing a tribute album to them in 1999. Formed in the 1980’s, they were nominated for a Grammy for their song ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’.