The British Prime Minister will present his case to music lovers across the world...

TONY BLAIR is to go on MTV in an attempt to convince young people of the need for a war with IRAQ.

Blair will participate in a forum with MTV’s youth audience which will air across the network in the UK and Europe, as well as on MTV channels in the Middle East, Australia, Asia, Latin America and the US.

Entitled ‘MTV Forum With Tony Blair: Is War The Answer’, the show will be broadcast on March 7 at 9pm. The show will be an hour-long question and answer session with young people from across the globe, who will be given the opportunity to ask about the issues surrounding the imminent conflict.

In a statement, Brent Hansen, President & Chief Executive, of MTV Networks Europe said: “The forum will not be a vehicle for any political message; instead we wish to offer an open and unscripted dialogue between Prime Minister Tony Blair and young people in Europe. (Our) European audience are particularly attuned to the issue of war and (the show) will offer a lively debate with a truly pan-European perspective.”

In recent weeks, many bands have been vocal in their opposition to a war on Iraq. Damon Albarn and Robert 3-D Del Naja have taken out anti-war ads in the NME, while Ms Dynamite has spoken out against conflict. Coldplay used the platform of the Brit Awards to have a dig at George Bush’s foreign policy.