Was it really a group of Christians who ended the three-year drought on the party island?...

A group of young Christians who flew out to IBIZA to open a 24-hour prayer room for clubbers are claiming their first miracle.

The prayer group from www.24-7prayer.com – a group which sets up 24-hour prayer rooms around the world – had been praying for rain to end a three-year drought in the clubbing capital.

According to a posting on the site, the first drops of rain began to fall after an open-air prayer meeting. “A storm swept the island all night and as I write (Monday morning) the rains are still pouring down on the dry and thirsty land. You’d have to live here to realize the significance of this rainstorm. The timing is even more amazing.”

The 26-strong team’s prayer room is based at in a disused shop in San Antonio, which has been decorated with drapes and murals.

Organiser James Bullock says the team has been going around San Antonio offering to pray for clubbers. They have also been visiting the island’s nightclubs to spread the message of Christianity.

He told ananova.com: “We’ve had some very mixed reactions to the project. Some people get totally freaked out when we tell them we’re Christians, but we have prayed for a lot of people and it seems to have worked. We managed to cure one guy’s bad knee, and his friend’s ingrowing toenail.”

A police spokesman said that crime had also dropped since their arrival: “Crime has gone down considerably since the 24-7 Team has been in Ibiza praying, especially alchohol related crime. This is despite the fact that the numbers on the island staying the same.”

According to the group’s website, the prayer-room enables people to pray non-verbally, by posting artwork, poetry and graffiti on the wall. The environment can be artistically designed to stimulate and direct prayer. The rooms have been set up all over the world.