Compay Segundo passes away aged 95 after suffering from a kidney infection...

BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB’s COMPAY SEGUNDO has died aged 95 after suffering from a severe kidney infection.

The Cuban musician, who starred in Wim Wenders’ film ‘Buena Vista Social Club’, recently had to cancel a series of European concerts planned for the summer due to the illness.

Born Francisco Repilado in 1907, the musician picked up his nickname during the 1940s, with Compay being slang for compadre and Segundo referring to his bass harmony voice.

Segundo played the clarinet and a Cuban string instrument called the tres, and came to worldwide attention in 1999 when Wenders released the film which followed the Buena Vista musicians as they played around Cuba and abroad.

His group Compay Segundo y sus Muchachos formed in 1956 and were still together at the time of his death.