Kimberley Mathers is apprehended after a report of an accident on a local lake in Detroit...

KIMBERLEY MATHERS, estranged wife of EMINEM, was arrested on Sunday afternoon (July 8) in suburban DETROIT following a report of an accident on a local lake.

In a bizarre series of events, Macomb County Sheriff’s Department were initially called on Sunday afternoon when an accident involving “personal watercraft” was reported.

They couldn’t find any accident, but did find Mathers and a female friend carrying lifejackets and walking along a road by Lake St Clair, a mile from the reported accident.

“We could tell they had been drinking,” Sheriff Mark Hackel told the Detroit Free Press. “They said their personal watercraft had had some mechanical trouble.”

It was quickly established that Mathers was wanted by police in Warren, a nearby Michigan district, on a charge of disturbing the peace. She was arrested and carted off to Macomb County Jail. Her friend, who has not been named, was discovered to have an outstanding warrant in nearby Huntington Woods but was released so police there could pick up the matter.

Mathers was released, after a brief time inside, when she posted $3,000 bail.

However, in a further twist police discovered “a white, powdery substance in a bag” dropped in the back of the patrol car by Mathers’ un-named friend.

“Other charges may result pending further investigation and lab results,” Sheriff Hackel said.