4,000 people turn up to see the rapper - in a 1,000 capacity club...

Thousands of fans were turned away and one person arrested for allegedly inciting a riot outside a 50 CENT gig in SAN FRANCISCO on Friday (January 24), after up to 4,000 people turned up for the 1,000-capacity show and brought the city to a halt.

The rapper, who is Eminem‘s protégé, was unable to get into the club, Kelly’s Mission Rock, because of the crowd, which was estimated at between 3,000 and 4,000-strong. The 1,000 ticket-holders for the sold-out show were turned away and their money refunded.

A spokesperson for San Francisco Police told mtv.com that, apart from the arrest, the crowd was otherwise very peaceful. Police were called at around 10pm to disperse the crowd, which had stopped traffic in the road outside, and decided to shut the show down.

The show was part of a tour to promote 50 Cent’s album, ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin”.