Scott 4 - the first hit from the uber indie festival...

It’s two minutes to take-off for All Tomorrow’s Parties, as Scott 4 might have it.They’re opening up this surprisingly sun-dazzled indie shindig, and they’ve managed to pull a hefty mid-afternoon crowd away from the only two-metre stretch of sandy beach in England, immersing them in some rippling motorik pulsations for their pains.

If it’s rock of the Kraut, post and dusty Nevada highway variety that’s on offer this weekend, then Scott 4 are the festival’s ideal poster boys, snaking as they do round all three.

The four song set offers us a mere glimpse of their synth’n’stetson sonic territory, but it’s enough to transform this quaint holiday camp into a place that hides muscular Marlboro-scented guitar stabs and rolling bass loops down every day-glo corridor. Listen carefully and maybe you’ll hear the seagulls muttering darkly about that Kraftwerk / country interface.

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