A car accident is responsible for the tragedy...

The UK’s soul and rap communities was struck by tragedy at the weekend when four members of South London’s TOP OF THE WORLD sound system died in a car accident.

Mark Pyle (aka DJ ESP) his younger brother Noel, their cousin Constance Downs and friend Peter French, were killed when the car in which they were travelling hit a motorway bridge near the Belgian town of Temse. No additional details are known about the accident. The four were all in their twenties.

Top Of The World were making the successful transition from house-party mainstays to DJing at music industry after-show parties. Through sheer hard work, their presence was felt throughout the London soul and rap scene from the bi-weekly Spreadlove club night, through to the summer chill-out at Hyde Park, and to ESP and DJ Shorty Blitz’s ol’ school rap jam Sugarhill. Top Of The World were one of the first to embrace the Internet as a means of mobilising their fanbase, keeping clubbers informed and making the music their main motivating force for good.