Supremo Darren Hughes confirms that the home organisation are considering taking over three clubs in the Big Apple...

DARREN HUGHES has confirmed that LONDON superclub HOME is poised to move into the Big Apple, and has revealed that they are considering taking over three clubs in NEW YORK.

Speaking to [url=]www.muzikweekly.com, Hughes quashed rumours that home is to buy Twilo, where Sasha and John Digweed have a monthly residency.

He said: “We definitely haven’t bought Twilo, but we are looking at three separate clubs in New York at the moment, so negotiations are ongoing. We’re hoping to make a decision in the next few months.”


The London-based club has apparently been looking at two clubs and one “unusual venue”.

Birmingham superclub God’s Kitchen is also making moves into the States, launching at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas on November 22. The opening night – featuring Lisa Lashes and Fergie, alongside club residents AJ Gibson and Daniel Soto – is expected to draw 5,000 clubbers.

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