The frontman with Sheffield band Less Than Zero has part of his earlobe ripped off after being caught by a bass guitar...

The singer of SHEFFIELD band LESS THAN ZERO has lost part of his ear during a gig at the city’s CASBAH club.

Dennis McGhee was taken to the city’s Northern General Hospital after his earlobe was ripped off when it was caught by Chris Miner‘s bass during the band’s final song.

Speaking to the Sheffield Star, McGhee said that he hadn’t realised it was so serious when the accident happened on Tuesday (July 18): “I didn’t see it happen, I just felt a massive thud. I wanted to walk off there and then but I decided to finish the song.”

When he went back on the stage after the gig had finished, he saw “blood everywhere” and the band’s drummer Paul Browley and guitarist Richard Harris picked up the missing lobe.

Doctors re-attached the earlobe with 12 stitches.