A British man is stabbed on the same weekend the station hosts a dance party on the island...

Radio 1 are helping police in CYPRUS with their investigations after a man was stabbed in AYIA NAPA at the weekend.

A spokesperson told that, contrary to reports in the UK press this morning (July 24), 35-year-old Brit Andrew Gray, who is reported as being seriously ill, was not stabbed at the Radio 1 dance party on Saturday night.

Describing the stabbing as a tragic event, he said: “[The incident] didn’t take place at the Radio 1 event. It kicked off with a fracas earlier in the day between two lads at our event. They were ejected by security staff for the safety of the other people there. The stabbing took place later in the day. We have passed video footage of what happened in our crowds on to police.” He added that organisers of the station’s dance party, part of their three-day event in the resort, were helping police in any way they could with investigations.

Police in Nicosia are reported to still be searching for three men who were seen fleeing from the scene of the stabbing.