In the second part of our special feature, we ask Shaun Ryder, Muse's Matt Bellamy and Radio One's Jo Whiley their views on the contentious topic...

Here’s Part Two of our feature on what the stars REALLY think about the legalisation of cannabis.

As reported yesterday, in the light of the Cleveland Report by the county’s police force, which calls for the decriminalisation of cannabis, we asked a host of stars what they though – in light of the fact that 83% of readers voted in favour of the measure.

Here’s what the rest of them think…

John Thompson, comedian/actor, from ‘The Fast Show’, ‘Cold Feet’

“I can’t handle it. I don’t like it.

“It should be legalised because my dad runs a hospice in Lancashire and cannabis reduced to oil is actually used for people with extreme pain. If it’s known and tried and tested that it works then why not, really? There should be more research really.

“I’m not a fan myself. I’m useless, absolutely useless on it – I’ve been to bed on my hands and knees to be honest. I’ve heard all kinds of rumours about this hydroponically grown stuff in Amsterdam and they inject the roots with valium, liquid valium.

“If I take any drugs, I like to maintain some sense of control. I’m very keen to come across some Quaaludes because I’ve read American fiction but you can’t get them over here.”

Jo Whiley, Radio One DJ

Should cannabis be decriminalised/legalised?

“I think it should be legalised. It should be entirely up to people if they want to smoke it themselves.

“I don’t think it’s harmful. I don’t smoke it.”

Gavin Goodwin from Terris

Are you a toker?

“Mmmm. Although I don’t smoke anywhere near as much as I used to. I smoke most days. Although that’s nothing compared to anyone else in the band. I had a lot of problems with my throat so I had to cut it down.”

Should it be decriminalised/legalised?

“Yeah of course it should be. I don’t see why it isn’t when you can alcohol, which is a much more serious poison, and everyone knows where to get dope if they want it. No-one has the guts to put it through ‘cos there’s be uproar from the older generation.”

What’s your favourite record to listen to stoned?

‘Enter The Church of The Apocalyptic Lawnmower’, by Lawnmower Death. That’s a brilliant record to listen to stoned.”

Matt Bellamy from Muse

Are you a toker?

“I don’t know. I used to rape nature by battery farming copious amounts in my loft when I was 14. It paid well but once I fell off a cliff, stoned. There’s quite a few in Devon.”

Should it be legalised?

“It should be legalised, as it grows naturally. How can one human tell another they are not allowed to use a totally natural plant extract? Oh I know why… because it wouldn’t be possible to tax it as it is growable from home and pharmacy companies pressurise the government to keep it illegal as they would lose billions as cannabis would replace most painkillers.”

Pete Voss from Campaq Velocet

Are you a toker?

“Yeah. Every day. Six o’clock onwards unless I’ve got things to do that need a bit more concentration. I love it. It’s definitely one of my favourite.”

Should it be decrimalised/legalised?

Let’s say decrimalised to make it a bit easier. My problem is if they legalise it, it’ll get privatised by the government. All of them politicans will get bigger cars and bigger houses, which ain’t good. But I don’t think anyone should be nicked for it and I would like to pop down the corner shop and score it to save all my aggravation.”

Best munchie?

“Welsh rarebit’s alright. I get other people to make it for me ‘cos I haven’t got a grill. It’s always good if someone else does it for you. I used to sit there and cane chocolate Hobnobs from the beginning of the pack to the end of the pack and then go and get another pack.”

Shaun Ryder from The Happy Mondays

Are you a toker?

“Yes. I don’t smoke as much as I used to do. I used to smoke continuously from waking up in the morning, skinning up every hour, all through the day. That stopped about three years ago. I just couldn’t smoke Once, one joint whacked me out for the whole of the day. When I got to about 33 years old I couldn’t smoke as much. Now, I have one when I wake up, er, one when I go back to bed, but if I’m staying in and watching telly I’ll have a few, d’you know what I mean?”

Should it be decriminalised?

“Absolutely. It’s really popular. It’s not harmful for you. It’s good for you. If it does make you paranoid then you should stop smoking it. It doesn’t make you go violent or crazy. You don’t see anyone smoking three joints and then going and smashing someone’s face in with a pint pot, do ya? That doesn’t happen on marijuana. It’s not a vicious drug. I don’t know why it’s illegal.

“In 1977, I didn’t know a lot of smokers, but basically it was frowned upon. There were lots of real bad junkies, lots of speedfreaks in north Manchester, but marijuana was looked upon as really bad. Ten years later, all those bad beer monsters are smoking pot and it’s changed their characters and changed for good.”