Spotify denies punishing artists who’ve signed exclusives with Apple and Tidal

The streaming service dismisses reports that it is penalising artists

Spotify has denied claims that it is punishing artists who give exclusives to other music streaming services.

According a report by Bloomberg, the Swedish company has been attempting to combat its rival’s exclusive deals by making it more difficult to find the music of artists who’ve launched albums Apple Music and Tidal.

A Spotify rep hit back at accusation, telling Recode that they are “unequivocally false”.


The company did not comment on whether it gave less promotion to albums which released on other services first, a charge also levied by the New York Times’s sources.

Since launching its own music streaming service last year, Apple has landed a number of exclusives with artists, including Drake, Chance the Rapper and most recently FranK Ocean. Tidal also has attempted to attract subscribers with exclusive releases from Beyoncé and Kanye West.


Last week, Spotify criticised the policy of album exclusivity on streaming services, calling it “bad for the industry”.

Universal Music Group have reportedly decide to stop offering exclusives to streaming services following the release of Frank Ocean’s visual album ’Endless’, which freed the singer from his contract with Def Jam.

In July, Kanye West criticised the aggressive competition between Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify and called on the three companies to “let the kids have the music”.