Singer says Gallagher brothers need someone to "twat them"..

Robbie Williams has reignited his feud with LIAM GALLAGHER and this time he has added NOEL to his OASIS targets.

During a promotional trip in Australia this week the singer said: “I think that they could benefit from having somebody twat them – and I think that should be me!”

According to another UK website, the singer also mocked the Gallagher brothers by impersonating a chicken and mimicking Noel‘s heavy Mancunian accent.


He also claimed he knew Liam was never going to accept his challenge laid down during this year’s Brit Awards for the two to meet in a boxing ring and settle their differences but that it “put him in a position where he’d have to do something.”

Earlier this week, Noel said he first heard about the original threat from his former friend when Oasis went to Japan to start their world tour in March. He told Time Out magazine that he thought it was ridiculous and was never going to happen. There has been no official comment from Oasis over the new remark as of yet.

The news comes just as Oasis play two landmark shows at Wembley Stadium. Last night’s show (July 21) saw the band repeat the winning formula they have re-found since Noel‘s return after he walked away from international touring two months ago.

However, regardless of the unanimous critical acclaim, Noel has made it clear that the long-term future of Oasis has not been decided.

Tonight’s Wembley concert, with support again coming from Happy Mondays and Doves, will be broadcast on Sky One at 9.30pm.

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams releases his comeback single, ‘Rock DJ’, through Chrysalis on July 31.

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