A cancer scare and subsequent operation sidelined him for the best part of a year...

ROD STEWART has spoken about how was unable to sing for over eight months after doctors operated on a cancerous growth in his throat.

Speaking in yesterday’s The Sun newspaper (February 3), Stewart said that doctors in the US found the growth during a routine scan. He said: “It was so scary. It happened last April and they found this growth on the thyroid gland.

“It was a CAT scan, the first one I’ve had. I had my heart done and

I came through with flying colours. But they said they found this little spot and it could become dangerous if it was left.”

Stewart then underwent an operation to remove the growth, a process that involved cutting through his neck. He continued: “Six months came up, no voice. Eight months, no voice. I could talk but I could not sing.

“I took my voice for granted for the whole of my life and you know the pleasure I get from singing but deep down I knew it would come back. I didn’t think it would take so long.”

Stewart is now appealing for people to go for random check-ups at their doctor, to ensure any cancerous growths are detected early. He concluded: “It was only because I had a CAT scan that it was spotted. If I had left it a couple of years, it would have been a very different story. I want to make people aware of early detection. If I hadn’t done that, who knows, it could have been chemotherapy.”

Rod Stewart plans to tour the US later in the year.