J and Richie from the group feel there's nothing wrong with smoking a spliff...

Boy band 5ive have become the latest teenpop idols to call for the legalisation of cannabis – though they stopped short of actually admitting they’d actually inhaled.

Both J and Richie, in an interview with month’s Sky magazine in the UK, have said they feel the drug should no longer be outlawed.

Richie, a former boyfriend of teen queen Billie Piper, said:

“I’ll tell you why [it should be legalised]. Because it grows, it’s natural. And if you believe in God, how can something that grows be illegal? Also, no one who smokes a spliff goes out and starts fights like someone who’s been drinking.”

J, who in the past has been pictured smoking joints and who has a tattoo on his arm of a man smoking a joint, was asked if he agreed with legalisation. “Yeah, simple as that,” he replied. He added that though he chose not to smoke he “wouldn’t exactly walk out of a party in disgust if people were doing it.”

In May, former Boyzone member Mikey Graham admitted he felt smoking cannabis was “giggle” and that “it’s just something I’d do once in a while with my mates.” The revelation came ahead of the release of ‘You’re My Angel’, his first solo single.

And last year former Take That leader Gary Barlow confessed to taking drugs in what was considered a bid to boost his flagging career. He has since been dumped by his label following poor record sales.

5ive release new single, a collaboration with Queen on ‘We Will Rock You’ through RCA on Monday (July 17).