Kandi Burruss joins the 'Cash Money Millionaires' tour...

KANDI BURRUSS, the award-winning songwriter of DESTINY’S CHILD’S ‘BUG-A-BOO’ and ‘BILLS, BILLS, BILLS’ plus TLC’s ‘NO SCRUBS’ will be touring the US as an artist in her own right next month.

Although best known for her R&B compositions, Kandi has joined the ‘Cash Money Millionaires’ tour with its heavyweight rap roster. Kandi will kick it with Juvenile, Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Kim, Junior MAFIA and big seller Nelly.

Kandi, whose interview with NME.COM will be shown shortly, has revealed that she has written the forthcoming single for Usher‘Pop Your Collar’ as well as the majority of the tracks for her new album, ‘Hey Kandi.


Check out the Kandi album review later this month.

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