The Musicians' Union now admits DJs after years of exclusion...

After years of exclusion, DJs can now become members of the Musicians’ Union. They had previously been concerned that the rise of DJs would mean less opportunities for live music, but Union spokesman Nigel McCune stressed that they now recognised the importance of DJs.

“I was told that there were more decks sold here than guitars last year” McCune said. “It would be foolish for us to neglect to include these musicians who are as creative – if more creative – than many other musicians.”

He went on to explain that the Union are in the process of putting together specific DJ packages – hopefully including insurance to cover equipment and records – and will also be offering legal advice and services to negotiate better pay and standardised contracts.

McCune did however stress that this was not designed for “disco raodshows” but those who “create original sounds”. DJs who are already members of the Union, for example, are Norman Cook, Carl Cox and Paul Oakenfold.

You can find out more at the MU website

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