Melanie B's ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar is reported to be in negotiations...

JIMMY GULZAR, ex-husband of SPICE GIRL MELANIE B, is reported to be in negotiations to sign a record deal.

And, according to reports in UK tabloid The Mirror this morning (October 9), he has been in a recording studio for a month doing vocals for a song about single parents who abandon their children to go out partying.

Former Spice Girls dancer Jimmy has denied that the song is a bite-back at Scary‘s scathing single ‘Tell Me’, despite speculation to the contrary. He told the newspaper: “I wouldn’t say it is a direct attack on Mel, even though she has said some very hurtful things about me on her album.”

They also quote a source as saying: “Jimmy is recording some demos to get a feel of what sort of music he wants to do. A couple of the tracks can be described as very personal and heartfelt.”