Choose who or what summed up this year...

To go forward you have to look backward as Marx or at least one of Cast once said, nme.com is gazing back at the preceeding 12 months to sum up the year of music and anything else really.

For example, 1989 will eternally belong to The Stone Rose, 1991 to Nirvana, 1997 to The Verve and 1988, strangely, to The Wedding Present.

But it’s for you to decide how 1998 went…


We’ll be holding special interactive votes for all the following questions over Christmas with the results posted early in the New Year. This isn’t a vote on who’s best – it’s a vote on who the year belonged to.

But first we need your nominations, fill in the form we’ll pick the top entries and you’ll be able to vote on the shortlist:

Which album will be forever be 1998?

Which single encapsulated 1998?

Which concert or festival was just soooo 1998?

If you were to dress 1998 from a charity shop and give it a guitar and sampler which band or artist would it be?


Who should have stayed in bed in 1998?

Fuck me – what was that? – Who or what came and went in 1998?

Which film summed up the mood of 1998?

Who’s year will 1999 be?

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