Reports of the atrocities at Woodstock 99 grow as organisers express shock and dismay but say album will be out in three months

Four people have reported being raped on site during Woodstock 99.

Three of the alleged rapes occured on the campgrounds and a police spokesman said that a woman reports she was raped during Limp Bizkit‘s Friday night performance in the mosh pit – while David Schneider, a rehabilitation counsellor, reported he witnessed a gang rape in the mosh pit during Korn‘s Friday night performance.

Co-promoter Michael Lang told MTV news: “While reports of rape are horrible it’s a little difficult for me to figure how a rape could happen in a mosh pit. You can barely stand. I didn’t see anything that looked like an assault.”


Organiser of Woodstock ’99 have spoken about the riots, rapes and fires at the festival:

“We’re shocked and dismayed by the allegations of sexual abuse and we’re doing everything we can do to help the investigation including handing over video footage and any records that we have,” say organisers Michael Long, John Scher and Ossie Kilkenny in a statement.

Despite the problems, the CD of the event will be released within three months.

Lang says: “Woodstock has become the Olympics of live music, so that every five years we can step out of ourselves and celebrate diversity, great music and each other.”

However mayor of Rome, the location of Woodstock, Joe Griffo – who had been a keen advocate of bring Woodstock 99 to the city – says he is doubtful over Rome’s willingness to stage another large rock festival of any kind.

In an interview in Rolling Stone magazine he says: “..if this is what’s becoming of Woodstock as we approach the new millennium, then I don’t think a lot of communities are going to be opening their arms to host an event such as this or any type of concert that does this.”


He also slammed the Red Hot Chili Peppers for failing to quell the situation when they were playing.

Seven People were accused of criminal acts including criminal mischief, riot, petit larceny and disorderly conduct. Two have pleaded guilty with pleas awaited from the other five.

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