The owners of the Brit-run nightclub get involved in a copyright dispute...

Popular Brit-run IBIZA nightclub ‘CLOCKWORK ORANGE’ has been forced to change its name following a copyright dispute.

Speaking to music website muzikweekly.com, Clockwork Orange promoter Danny Clockwork said: “Stupidly, we didn’t copyright the name out here, so someone else bought the copyright in 1998.”

This resulted in the promoters being presented with a court order to cease and desist any activities under the Clockwork Orange name until the case is settled.

“We’re taking it through the Spanish courts now,” continued Danny. “The guy wants 6-7 million pesetas (#22,600 – #26,400), and that’s just for a year’s contract.”

However, Danny maintains that even if the club don’t pay, they are likely to lose money in merchandise revenue, adding: “It is shit, it’s cost us thousands having to reprint all the t-shirts, posters and flyers.”

The club will now take place under the title ‘The Orange Summer Of Love 2000’. “Everyone will still know that it’s Clockwork Orange,” he concluded. “The new name has more of a Balearic feel anyway!”

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