Mogwai – ’78 percent of people agree Blur are shite’

Plus new track debuted at T In The Park in line for release this year...

Mogwai return to the studio this month to record new material, including a new song, ‘Stanley Kubrick’, debuted at T In The Park festival on July 10.

The song, dedicated to the director of A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the soon-to-be-released Eyes Wide Shut, may be released as a single later this year, the first new Mogwai material since April’s ‘Come On Die Young’ album.

The band also claim they are planning to record an album of “traditional Scottish folk songs” early next year and are considering launching a Mogwai-organised festival.


Since launching their ‘Blur: Are Shite’ range of T-shirts, Mogwai have generated worldwide interest in the feud.

A management spokesman said: “After the NME news story and the spreading of the news via the Internet, we received quite a large response via e-mails. Even we were surprised by it!

“Interestingly, very few pro-Blur e-mails were received from the UK. There were more from North America and Australia.”

Of all the correspondence received, Mogwai claim 78 per cent agreed that Blur were ‘shite’, 12 per cent thought Mogwai were shite, six per cent thought it was a cheap publicity stunt and four per cent said the band wouldn’t sell any anti-Blur shirts.

Blur have still not responded to the claims.

Mogwai are planning some UK shows later this year and will tour America in September.


Finally, Kubrick‘s A Clockwork Orange, which was withdrawn from release by the director in 1974, is set for a spring 2000 release, following the director’s death in March this year.