See NME Premier Award winners Shaun Ryder, Boy George, Fatboy Slim, Flaming Lips and Ooberman talking to backstage at last week's legendary cer

The NME Premier Awards may have happened a week ago – but they’re still the talk of the town – if not the entire music world!

With some people still suffering sore heads after what’s become reknowned as the year’s most debauched night, we’ve got more exclusive interviews with all the prize winners for those of you not lucky enough to be there.

Find out where Shaun Ryder’s going to put his NME Premier Award for being a ‘Godlike Genius’ and catch up with his moves to become a movie mogul – only in’s exclusive interview – click on the link. 28K | 56K

Plus – see the Royle Family royally pished, Boy George revealing his penchant for nothern boys and heart-warming acceptance speeches from Flaming Lips, Ooberman and Fatboy Slim only with’s exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews at last week’s NME Premier Awards.

For our Boy George interview after he picked up a gong on behalf of Jon Carter for Breezeblock Mix of 1999 as voted by Radio 1 listeners, click on the link.28K | 56K

For our Royle Family chat after they’d won Best TV Show, click on the link.28K | 56K

For our interview with the genuinely thrilled double NME Premier Award winning Flaming Lips, who won both Carling Premier Best LP and NME Album Of The Year as voted by NME writers, click on the link. 28K | 56K

To see our interview with Mr Zoe Ball aka mix meister Fatboy Slim, aka Norman Cook, who picked up the award for Best DJ, click on the link.28K | 56K

To see our chat with net-savvy scamps Ooberman, who picked up the Award For Best NME Premier Show Performance, click on the link. 28K | 56K

Come back to tomorrow for more exclusive backstage chats with mildy inebriated stars at the NME Premier Awards including ‘Aphex Twin’, Coldplay, Les Rythmes Digitales, Muse and Death In Veags…plus footage of Shaun Ryder frolicking with none other than Blur’s Damon Albarn backstage…