The Horrorist's track 'One Night In NYC' tells a story of date-rape...

A track by a cult NEW YORK DJ, already being played on BBC Radio 1 specialist shows, is set to outrage the UK’s moral majority with themes of under-age sex, drug use and date-rape.

The dark techno song, ‘One Night In NYC’, is by DJ Oliver Chesler, aka The Horrorist. It details a sinisterly told story of a 15-year-old girl who travels to New York, meets a man in a club, goes back to his room and is then, unwittingly, given an ecstasy pill. The DJ then screams over the track: “He fucked her all night.”

A remix of the track by DJ Chris Liebing is now being licensed by major label Warner Brothers. No release date has been set for the UK, but Pete Tong has already championed the track on his hugely popular show.

A Radio 1 spokeswoman told NME.COM: “I’m not sure if Pete Tong played an uncensored version of the track, but he’s been playing it and it is on our specialist playlist. Radio 1’s played stuff like Eminem’s ‘Stan’, so it’s possible it could be played on other shows.”

The song, though, is unlikely to phase those most likely to buy it. In the recent NME survey of the lifestyle habits of the UK’s under 18s, over 50% of the 1000 polled said they wanted the nation’s strict drug laws to be relaxed. The average age for losing virginity was 15.2 years-old.

The single is already proving a hit in Germany. It has topped the nation’s dance chart and is on rotation play on MTV in the country.