Cult US college suicide flick arrives...

DEAD MAN’S CURVE – which opens at cinemas across the UK from tomorrow – has already established a serious cult following in the US and looks set to do the same here.

Based on something that was always believed to be an urban myth – that in American colleges, if your flatmate commits suicide you get perfect grades for the rest of term – according to first-time director DAN ROSEN, the idea for the film came because it happened to a friend of his.

“They don’t advertise it,” he told NME. “It’s not something they use to entice students to enrol.”


The SCREAM-like teen noir uses miserable ’80s music like JOY DIVISION on the soundtrack because at one point the protagonists have to plant evidence that their roommate – who they have murdered – was suffering from depression.

“People who really like THE SMITHS don’t stay alive long enough to form meaningful relationships,” Rosen said.

No British universities and colleges have such a policy nor any plans to introduce such one in the near future, according to a spokeswoman for the National Union of Students.

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