A 20-year old man is hospitalised after taking what is believed to be a new strain of ecstasy....

A 20-year-old man from WOLVERHAMPTON has been hospitalised after taking what is believed to be a dangerous new variant on an ecstasy tablet at the GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL last night (Sunday, June 25) – and a public health warning has been issued about its potential effects.

The man, who has not been named, was unconscious when he was admitted to Bath Royal United Hospital. This afternoon he regained consciousness but is still not well enough to speak.

A number of other people were treated at hospital and discharged after developing unusual symptoms which are believed to be related to taking the pills, which are white or cream and bear the usual Mitsubishi logo, which police say would make them almost indistinguishable from usual tablets.

Yesterday, 70 of the tablets were seized by police, and a man has been charged with possession with intent to supply.

A public health warning was issued after on-site medical analysts found that the tablets had an unusual composition and believe that they could cause increased heart-rate, breathing problems, convulsions, fits and unconsciousness.

Otherwise, police say that there are no signs of a big increase in crime figures at this year’s festivals, and they may actually have decreased when final figures are collated.

As the last of the festival-goers left the site tonight (Monday, June 26), police said 1,727 crimes had been reported, of which 1,371 were tent-related thefts.

There have been 130 robberies, 40 assaults and 66 thefts from motor vehicles. Police have made 221 arrests during the six-day operation, 105 of which were charged to appear at court, and 38 cautioned.

Avon And Somerset police also say they plan to work in conjunction with festival organiser Michael Eavis to help end fence-jumping next year.