Band release album days after finishing recording it

Canadian indie troupe leak their own record online

Canadian indie band Stars have released their latest album just ten days after having finished recording it, in an attempt to beat internet pirates.

The band’s fourth album, ‘In Our Bedroom After War’, will be physically released on September 24 in the UK, however the band have chosen to make it available on iTunes today (July 16), ten days after receiving the final mastered album themselves.

The band released a statement saying they were making the album available to give fans a way to legitimately download it, rather than download leaked tracks.

“Traditional practice says that we send out copies of this album now,” said the band in their statement. “We give advance copies to publications in hopes of securing features that coincide with our September date. We meet with radio stations in the hope of securing airplay. Inevitably someone will leak the album on to the Internet.

“The most important people in this value chain, the fans, are given only two options – wait until September 25 to legally purchase the new album or choose from a variety of illegal sources and download the album for free, at any time. We hope you’ll choose to support the band, and pay for the album. However, we don’t think it’s fair you should have to wait until September 25 to do so. As such, we are making the new Stars album available for legal download today, only days after its completion.”